Forecasts and budgets are essential tools for successful business management. Understanding and using these management tools will facilitate effective decision-making and strategic planning, ultimately supporting the growth and development of the organization.

Levels: Essentials Intermediate Advanced

Course Outline

Module 1: The Essential Principles of Budgeting 

Module 2: What is budgeting and how has it evolved? 

Module 3: Why Budget 

Module 4: Strategic Planning and the Budgeting Process 

Module 5: Why Budgets are so often disliked 

Module 6: Types of budgets 

SAQA US ID: 13836 – Estimate and prepare cost budgets for an element of work and monitor and control actual cost against budget 

Module 7: Approaches to budgeting 

Module 8: Preparing a budget 

Module 9: Budgetary control 

Module 10: Forecasting Methods 

Module 11: Objectives of Working Capital Management 

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