Attendees begin with a sample website. All of the text, images, and other media are provided. Each training unit builds on the previous, adding new content and features to your student site. Comparing your results to the model site, and correcting and enforcing your knowledge before moving on to the next lesson assure your success in mastering the fundamental building blocks of WordPress.

Levels: Essentials Intermediate Advanced

Course Outline

Structuring Your WordPress Site for Success

  • Entering and formatting content
  • Completing our text formatting
  • Managing posts
  • How to Manage Images in WordPress
  • How to Manage Image Galleries in WordPress
  • Finding Images
  • Linking Content Inside Your Site
  • Linking to Things Outside Your Website
  • Theming Your WordPress Site
  • Choosing Themes – The Importance of Colour

Getting Started With WordPress

  • Web Hosting
  • What is a FTP
  • Installing WordPress
  • Changing your WordPress site title
  • Updating your WordPress site tagline
  • Creating pages
  • Organizing your content
  • Navigation
  • Adding a Blog to your site

Adding Functionality to Your Site

  • Student Project Review
  •  Modifying Your Theme
  •  Introduction to plugins
  • Adding to Your Site’s Appearance With Widgets
  • Some Suggested Business Plugins for WordPress

Bring It All Together

  • Maintaining Your WordPress Site
  • Securing Your WordPress Site
  • Detecting Problems With Your Site
  • Backup Your Site to Protect Your Content
  • Summary of WordPress Security

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