These days, interactive lessons that can be viewed over the Internet or from a mobile device are all the rage. There are many programs that can be used to capture a computer’s screen, mouse action, and audio. Unfortunately, the resulting movies can be huge five-minute lessons that could easily gobble up nearly 100mb of storage space on a hard drive. Downloading a le that large will take a lot of time, even if a user has a fast Internet connection. Large le sizes are just part of the problem. Using Adobe Captivate, you can capture screenshots on your computer and quickly turn them into lessons (movies). The movies you create can be interactive– you can add images, captions, rollovers, clickable areas, typing areas, and sound, etc.

Levels: Essentials Intermediate Advanced

Course Outline

Reviewing the Essentials

  •  Set General Preferences
  •  Rehearse a Script
  •  Set Recording Preferences and Keys
  •  Record a Custom Simulation
  •  Edit a Text Capture Template

Importing and Branching

  •  Import a PowerPoint Presentation
  •  Edit a PowerPoint Presentation
  •  Resize a Project
  •  Import Project Slides and Objects
  •  Label a Slide
  •  Use Buttons to Create a Branch
  •  Explore the Branching Tab
  •  Create a Slide Group
  •  Aggregate Published SWFs

Question Pools

  •  Insert a Question Slide
  •  Create and Rename Question Pools
  •  Add Questions to Question Pools
  •  Insert Random Question Slides

Accessible Projects

  •  Set Document Information
  •  Enable Accessibility
  •  Add Accessibility Text to Slides
  •  Import Audio
  •  Add Shortcut Keys
  •  Add Closed Captions

Commenting, Image Editing, and Photoshop Layers

  •  Send a Project for Review
  •  Create a Background Mask
  •  Edit a Slide Background
  •  Delete a Slide Background
  •  Import a Photoshop File
  •  Work with Photoshop Layers

Variables, Widgets, and Buttons

  •  Add Document Information
  •  Insert a System Variable
  •  Edit a System Variable
  •  Create a User Variable
  •  Use a Variable to Gather Data
  •  Insert a Question Widget
  • Insert a Certificate Widget
  • Create Custom Buttons

Project and Design Templates

  •  Create a Project Template
  •  Create a Project from a Template
  •  Record Additional Slides
  •  Delete Unused Objects
  •  Create a Mask
  •  Add a Text Animation Placeholder
  •  Create a Design Template
  •  Format Design Template Objects
  •  Apply a Design Template to a Project

Advanced Actions

  •  Control Object Visibility
  •  Name Items
  •  Attach Multiple Actions to Objects
  •  Create Variables
  •  Add Text Entry Boxes
  •  Create a Script
  •  Attach a Script to a Slide
  •  Test and Edit a Scrip

Learning Management Systems

  •  Set Quiz Reporting Options
  •  Create a Manifest File
  •  Report a Button Interaction
  •  Adjust Slide Object Interaction
  •  Publish a Content Package
  •  Create an Inquisiq LMS Account
  •  Create an LMS Lesson
  •  Create an LMS Course
  •  Create an LMS Curriculum
  •  Test an eLearning Course

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