Managers, Supervisors, and Team Leaders who wish to broaden their leadership skills or any other individual who believes this course will be of benefit.


Levels: Essentials Intermediate Advanced

Course Outline

Module 1: Managing Your Time and Your Energy 

  • How to empower yourself and your staff 

Module 2: What Makes a Good Leader? 

  • What leadership is from the supervisor’s point of view 
  • How to build credibility and trust 
  • Analyzing effective listening processes and skills 
  • Learning participative leader skills and techniques 
  • The three steps of the continuous performance appraisal process 
  • Coaching, mentoring, and how to give constructive feedback 
  • Decision-making tools for effective leadership 
  • How to apply problem solving techniques to solve actual problems 

 Module 3: Communication as a Leadership Tool 

  • Intergroup Communications 
  • Resolving Win/Lose Situations 
  • The Effect of Perception and Climate on Communication 
  • Perception and Facts 
  • The Use of Feedback in Communication 
  • Giving Instructions 
  • Communicating Effectively With Different Styles 
  • Managing Workplace Triangles 
  • Non-Verbal Communication 
  • Self-Disclosure and Feedback 
  • Informal Interview Practice 
  • Questioning Techniques and Listening Skills 
  • Fact-Finding Interview 
  • Coaching Interviews 

Module 4: The Commitment Curve 

Module 5: Employee Development Models 

  • The Coaching Model 
  • The Dialogue Model 
  • I Messages 
  • Consequences and Benefits 

 Module 6: Dealing with Conflict and Difficult Issues 

Module 7: What Successful Leaders Do 

Module 8: Teams vs. workgroups: learning to lead and build personal effectiveness 

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