This course is part of the Adobe authorized training series for graphics and publishing software developed and delivered by Adobe Certified Instructors. The lessons are designed so that you can learn at your own pace. New users will learn the fundamentals and more. Experienced users will explore advanced features, tips, and techniques for Adobe Illustrator. Each lesson provides step-by-step instructions, and there’s room for exploration and experimentation. Each module concludes with a formative and summative assessment of the main concepts covered. 

Levels: Essentials Intermediate Advanced

Course Outline

A Quick Tour Of Adobe Illustrator 

  • Creating a new document 
  • Drawing and editing shapes 
  • Applying and editing color 
  • Editing strokes 
  • Working with layers 
  • Working with type 
  • Transforming artwork 
  • Creating and editing gradients 
  • Placing an image in Illustrator 
  • Using Image Trace 
  • Aligning artwork 
  • Presenting your document 
  • The Shape Builder tool and the Curvature tool 
  • Working with symbols 
  • Working with brushes 
  • Working with effects 

Getting To Know The Work Area 

  • Exploring the workspace 
  • Getting to know the toolbar 
  • Working with the Properties panel 
  • Working with, moving, and docking panels 
  • Changing the view of the artwork 
  • Switching and saving workspaces 
  • Using panel and context menus 
  • Using view commands 
  • Zooming and Panning in a document 
  • Navigating and using multiple artboards 

Techniques For Selecting Artwork 

  • Selecting objects 
  • Selecting and editing with the Selection and Direct Selection tool 
  • Selecting with a marquee 
  • Hiding and locking objects 
  • Selecting similar objects 
  • Aligning and distributing objects 
  • Working with groups 
  • Arranging objects 
  • Selecting in Outline mode 
  • Editing a group in Isolation mode 
  • Creating a nested group 
  • Selecting objects behind 

Working with Symbols and Libraries 

  • Working with symbols 
  • Using default Illustrator symbol libraries 
  • Working with Creative Cloud libraries 
  • Using library assets 
  • Working with dynamic symbols 
  • Creating a symbol 
  • Breaking a link to a symbol 
  • Replacing symbols 
  • Adding assets to a Creative Cloud library 
  • Updating a library asset 
  • Working with Global Edit 

Working with Shapes To Create Artwork 

  • Working with basic shapes 
  • Creating and editing rectangles 
  • Creating and editing ellipses and circles 
  • Changing stroke width and alignment 
  • Drawing lines 
  • Rounding corners 
  • Creating and editing a polygon and star 
  • Working with drawing modes 
  • Using Image Trace 
  • Using Draw Inside mode and Draw Behind mode 

Editing And Combining Shapes And Paths 

  • Editing paths and shapes 
  • Cutting with the Scissors and Knife tools 
  • Joining paths 
  • Using the Eraser tool 
  • Erasing in a straight line 
  • Combining objects using the Pathfinder 
  • Creating a compound path 
  • Combining shapes 
  • Working with the Shape Builder tool 
  • Understanding shape modes 
  • Reshaping a path 
  • Using the Width tool 

Transforming Artwork 

  • Working with artboards 
  • Editing, aligning, renaming, and reordering artboards 
  • Working with rulers and guides 
  • Editing the ruler origin 
  • Transforming content 
  • Working with the bounding box 
  • Positioning artwork using the Properties panel 
  • Scaling, reflecting, sharing and rotating objects 
  • Distorting objects with effects 
  • Transforming with the Free Transform tool 
  • Using Puppet Warp 

Using The Basic Drawing Tools 

  • Drawing paths with the Curvature tool 
  • Creating dashed lines 
  • Adding arrowheads to paths 
  • Drawing with the Pencil tool 
  • Joining with the Join tool 

Creative Uses Of Effects And Graphic Styles 

  • Using the Appearance panel 
  • Applying other effects 
  • Applying a Photoshop effect 
  • Working with 3D effects 
  • Scaling strokes and effects 
  • Adding multiple strokes and fills to text and objects 
  • Reordering appearance attributes 
  • Using live effects 
  • Styling text with a Warp effect 
  • Temporarily disabling effects to make edits 
  • Using graphic styles 
  • Applying a graphic style to a layer 

Drawing With The Pen Tool 

  • Understanding curved paths 
  • Drawing with the Pen tool 
  • Converting smooth points to corner points 
  • Editing paths and points 
  • Deleting and adding anchor points 
  • Converting between smooth points and corner points 
  • Working with the Anchor Point tool 
  • Combining curves and straight lines 

Working with Colour 

  • Exploring color modes 
  • Working with color 
  • Creating a custom color 
  • Saving a color as a swatch 
  • Using the Colour Picker 
  • Working with Live Paint 
  • Painting with the Live Paint Bucket tool 
  • Editing a global and non-global color swatch 
  • Using Illustrator swatch libraries 
  • Adding a spot color 
  • Creating and saving a tint of a color 
  • Converting colours 
  • Creating a colour group 
  • Using the Colour Guide panel for creative inspiration 
  • Using Recolour Artwork 
  • Modifying a Live Paint group 

Working with Type 

  • Adding type 
  • Adding text at a point 
  • Adding area type 
  • Changing font family and font style 
  • Applying fonts to text in Illustrator 
  • Converting between area type and point type 
  • Threading text 
  • Formatting type 
  • Working with Auto Sizing 
  • Activating Adobe Fonts 

Working with Illustrator Brushes 

  • Types of brushes 
  • Working with brushes 
  • Using Calligraphic brushes 
  • Drawing with the Paintbrush tool 
  • Removing a brush stroke 
  • Using Art brushes 
  • Using Bristle brushes 
  • Using Pattern brushes 
  • Editing a brush 
  • Working and drawing with the Blob Brush tool 
  • Editing with the Eraser tool 

Working with Type 

  • Changing font size and color 
  • Changing additional character and paragraph formatting 
  • Creating columns of text 
  • Fixing missing fonts 
  • Resizing and reshaping type objects 
  • Reshaping type objects 
  • Sampling text formatting 
  • Creating and applying text styles 
  • Creating text outlines 
  • Modifying text with the Touch Type tool 
  • Working with glyphs

Organizing Your Artwork With Layers 

  • Understanding layers 
  • Finding content in the Layers panel 
  • Reordering layers and content 
  • Locking and hiding layers 
  • Creating layers and sub-layers 
  • Editing layers and objects 
  • Moving content between layers 
  • Duplicating layer content 
  • Pasting layers 
  • Applying appearance attributes to a layer 
  • Creating a clipping mask 

Gradients, Blends, And Patterns 

  • Working with gradients 
  • Applying a gradient to a fill 
  • Applying a gradient to fill or stroke 
  • Applying gradients to multiple objects 
  • Working with blended objects 
  • Editing a gradient 
  • Editing the colours in a gradient 
  • Applying colour stops in lines mode 
  • Creating a blend with specified steps 
  • Modifying a blend 
  • Creating patterns 
  • Applying an existing pattern 
  • Adding transparency to gradients 
  • Applying a freeform gradient 
  • Creating and editing a smooth color blend 
  • Creating your own pattern 
  • Applying your pattern 
  • Editing your pattern 

Using Illustrator With Other Adobe Applications 

  • Placing image files 
  • Cropping an image 
  • Placing multiple images 
  • Transforming a placed image 
  • Placing a Photoshop image with Show Import Options 
  • Working with image links 
  • Embedding and unembedding images 
  • Replacing an image 
  • Combining artwork 
  • Masking images 
  • Masking an object with text 
  • Creating an opacity mask 

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