SpeedGrade colour grading software brings the Lumetri Deep Colour Engine to your production work ow. Open the full dynamic range of your footage through a sleek new interface. Learn how this new component of Creative Suite CS6, SpeedGrade gives you the power to push your stories further, in more dynamic, cinema quality, high-de nition colour. Find out more about how you can deploy the Lumetri Deep Colour Engine, powerful layer-based grading with GPU-accelerated performance, and other top features in the new professional colour grading software in your video work ow. Extend your production capabilities with this highly acclaimed, powerful stereoscopic colour-correction toolset. Craft the perfect look for every scene with floating-point precision.


1 day


Exploring the workspace
■ Exploring the timeline ■ Exploring the workspace ■ Display resolution for playback ■ Adjust display aspect ratio ■ Image analysis tools ■ Working with keyframes

Speedgrade workflow
■ Loading footage ■ Apply colour grading ■ Render out content ■ Special tools and workflows

Colour grading a clip
■ Select a clip ■ Apply a primary colour grade ■ Apply a secondary colour grade ■ Render a graded clip

Colour grading a sequence
■ Load an EDL ■ Reconnect the source clips in the reels ■ Create a grading clip ■ Apply colour grades to a grading clip ■ Apply a grading clip to additional video clips ■ Render a graded sequence

Colour grading techniques
■ Balance blacks and whites ■ Adjust gamma ■ Adjust colour temperature ■ Grade a specific tonal range ■ Apply filters and effects ■ Work with masks ■ Track a masked object through a shot ■ Adjust the framing of shots with pan and scan ■ Grade a specific colour range

Managing looks
■ Working with Looks ■ Share and reuse looks

Rendering your Speedgrade projects
■ Create proxy files for offline editing ■ Saving an Edit Decision List

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