Enhance your colour work in Photoshop. Explore advanced colour correction techniques including highlights and shadows, tonal nuetrality, contrast, and superior sharpening techniques.

Work through technical and artistic methodologies for boosting the colour parameters and correcting images for your output conditions – be it print or digital. Work with colour and image detail at a more advanced level. Skin softening, enhancing eyes and complicated masking techniques, blemish removal and body sculpting amongst many other tehcniques.


2 days


Your colour environment
■ The Ishihara test ■ The Farnsworth-Munsell Model ■ Exploring gamuts ■ The key differences between LAB, RGB, CMYK, Broadcast ■ Assessing ambient lighting conditions

Colour management
■ Monitor choices and calibration ■ Working with spectrophotometers ■ Manual calibration ■ Setting up colour for your press conditions ■ Ideal viewing conditions ■ Optimizing your Photoshop settings ■ The power of polychromatic grey ■ Deploying colour settings across your workflow ■ See colour consistently across all of your tools

Colour Fundamentals
■ Individual Colour Perception ■ Colour Myths and Misconceptions ■ Colour Models and why you need to understand them ■ Colour Printing vs colour for devices ■ Colour Gamuts ■ The Colour Correction Regimen

■ The professional retoucher’s checklist ■ Size matters ■ Drawing tablets vs working with a mouse ■ Shortcuts in your workflow ■ Assessing a retouch ■ Stroke direction ■ Working at the correct Zoom levels ■ Catching problem areas ■ Retouching men and women ■ Creating actions

Portrait and people retouching
■ Retouching eyes ■ Getting skin right ■ Reshaping facial features ■ Healthy hair ■ Lips and mouth areas ■ Digital dieting – slimming a model ■ Hiding pores and Hollywood skin

Advanced techniques
■ Colour theory ■ Additive and subtractive colour models ■ Device independent colour ■ Colour for web and devices ■ Colour for print, web and broadcast workflows ■ Exploring LAB ■ Finding colour where none exists ■ Constructive destruction ■ Colour by numbers ■ The greens of nature ■ Arti cial tanning ■ Working with RAW

Neutral Tones
■ Why Gray Balance Matters ■ Assessing a Colour Cast ■ Establishing Gray Balance ■ RGB Neutral Corrections ■ CMYK Neutral Corrections ■ Compensating for Lighting

Quick fix tips and techniques
■ Working with bridge ■ Tweaking your preferences ■ Remapping tonal values ■ Auto colour correction options ■ Corrections with levels ■ Correcting midtones with levels ■ Curves ■ Channels ■ Adjustment layers ■ Smart corrections ■ Replace colour ■ Selective colour ■ Colour imaging work ows ■ Image capture and processing

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