This course caters specifically for web and devices. We explore how to get the most out of the powerful tools offered by Photoshop CC. You will learn about ideal formats, optimising images, recommendations for browsers, devices and operating systems. Getting the right balance between size, operability and visual finesse is key in ensuring rich, immersive experiences. This course distils the best features of this flagship and envelopes it with digital best practice scenarios from around thwe world. Photoshop offers creatives a plethora of possibilities for on screen content creation and automation.


2 days


What is new for web and devices in Photoshop CC
■ Adobe Generator ■ Linked Smart Objects ■ Intelligent upsampling and downsampling ■ Smart Shapes ■ Edge Reflow CC integration ■ Smart Objects ■ 3D enhancements ■ Smart Object Enhancements ■ Type anti-aliasing preview
Colour for interactive workflows
■ The key differences between LAB, RGB, CMYK, Broadcast, Hexadecimal ■ Optimizing your Photoshop settings ■ The power of polychromatic grey ■ Deploying colour settings across your workflow ■ See colour consistently across all of your deployments ■ ICC profiles

Working the web
■ Slicing ■ Save for web ■ Actions ■ Optimising images for web ■ GIF vs JPEG vs PNG ■ Zoomify ■ Interlacing ■ Mattes ■ Interpolation options ■ Dither ■ Alt tags ■ Browser testing ■ Background creation best practice ■ Working with patterns

Animation and movement for the Web
■ Animation principles within Photoshop ■ Animated GIFs ■ Frame animations vs Timeline animations ■ Working with audio ■ Exploring 3D in Photoshop

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