Our Photoshop for Photographers course is crafted with professional photographers in mind. You will learn everything there is to know about how to take great photographs and make them outstanding in Photoshop. Lessons cover a wide range of topics from RAW work ows to ideal capture formats to xing problem photographs. This course is aimed at making photographic work ows easier. Photographers who are moving large amounts of images will bene t from our highlevel work ow guidelines.


2 days


Photoshop photographic workflows
■ Automation ■ Scripting ■ Metadata ■ Actions ■ Web Portfolio ■ Print Portfolio ■ Live Portfolio

Getting Started with Bridge and Mini-Bridge
■ What is Adobe bridge? ■ Introducing the Bridge Workspace ■ Using Bridge to review and evaluate photographs ■ Working with bridge and Photoshop ■ Working with Mini-Bridge

Image Adjustments
■ Spot Removal ■ HDR ■ Batch Image Processing ■ Lens Correction ■ Depth of Field ■ Superior Black and White Conversion ■ Red Eye ■ Shadow / Highlight ■ Adjustment Layers ■ Smart Objects and Filters

Advanced tips and techniques
■ Tricky selections like hair ■ Working with Channels ■ Using Quick Mask ■ Photographic Panoramas ■ Vanishing Point ■ Digital Paintings and Illustration ■ Hollywood Skin Effects ■ Advanced Dodge and Burn Techniques ■ Glamour Photography Tips

Correcting Digital Photographs
■ About Camera Raw ■ Processing Files in Camera Raw ■ Merging exposure and application of advanced colour correction ■ Correcting digital photographs in Phoptoshop ■ Correcting image distortion

*Please note that we offer free electronic support to clients on content covered on our courses.