Adobe PhotoShop has long helped graphic designers bring their visions to life in advertisements, magazine layouts, billboards, and virtually every other medium. Wether you create images professionally or just want pro essional results, you can count on Adobe PhotoShop for the ultimate in creative control. At the end of this course the learner will be able to create and edit images, retouch and correct adjustments.


2 days


Alpha Channels & Paths
■ Basic Alpha Channels ■ Saving & loading Channels ■ Combining Channels ■ Using Blending Modes on Channels ■ Using Alpha Channels to enhance correction ■ Creating and working with Spot Channels ■ Sharpening with Channels

Smart Objects
■ Working with Smart Objects ■ Drag and drop Smart Objects ■ Working with a Smart Object Filter Effects

Vanishing Point and Lens Correction
■ Defining & Correcting plane/ grid ■ Editing image objects (Clone/ Selections/ Transforming Options) ■ Adding Images to the Vanishing Point Grid ■ 3D Support ■ Correcting Image Distorting via Lens Correction ■ Data-based Lens Distortion Correction with custom Lens Profiling Appli- cation

Correcting & Enhancing Digital Photos: Camera RAW
■ Camera RAW Engine ■ White balance & Exposure ■ Sharpening ■ Histogram ■ Apply RAW settings to multiple files ■ DNG Format ■ Shadow /Highlight Adjustments ■ Red Eye removal ■ Noise reduction ■ Edge Sharpening ■ Post Cropping ■ HDR (32 bit)

Advanced Composition
Actions & Scripts

■ Puppet Warp tool ■ Photomerge ■ AutoBlend Depth of Field ■ Contact Sheets ■ Desaturation & Colour Balance ■ Colour Effects & Matching Colour Schemes

Working with 3D
■ Understanding 3D Native Files ■ 32 & 64bit Editing ■ Repousse 3D Features & HDR Image based lighting ■ Importing & viewing 3D files ■ Transforming 3D les ■ Painting 3D objects ■ Wrap 2D images around 3D shapes ■ Convert gradient shapes to 3D objects ■ Add depth to Text layers ■ Exporting to common 3D formats ■ Mixer Brush ■

Colour Management
■ Define RGB, Grayscale & CMYK Colour Spaces ■ ICC Profiles ■ Colour Management Workflow ■ Colour Management Settings ■ Assigning & Converting Profiles ■ Gamut Range ■

Proofs & Printing
■ Proof Setup ■ Colour Handling ■ Gamut Warnings ■ Separations ■ Printing

On Request Only:
Medical (PhotoShop Extended only):

■ DICOM (open, edit, animate & annotate) ■ MATLAB ■ Image Stack Processing

Motion Graphics & Video layers (PhotoShop Extended only)
■ Frame by Frame editing ■ Adding Layers ■ Animation Panel ■ Edit & Retouch Movie with PhotoShop Tools ■ MultiSource

PhotoShop & Web
■ Slicing ■ Saving for Web Output ■ Frame based animation

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