Managers, Supervisors and Team Leaders who wish to broaden their leadership skills or any other individual who believes this course will be of benefit

How You Will Benefit?
By learning about your leadership style and improving your own behaviours and communication, you will better understand your impact on others and discover how to lead effectively.


2 days


Module 1: Managing Your Time and Your Energy
■ How to empower yourself and your staff

Module 2: What Makes a Good Leader?
■ What leadership is from the supervisor’s point of view ■ How to build credibility and trust ■ Analyzing e ective listening processes and skills ■ Learning participative leader skills and techniques ■ The three steps of the continuous performance appraisal process ■ Coaching, mentoring and how to give constructive feedback ■ Decision-making tools for e ective leadership ■ How to apply problem solving techniques to solve actual problems

Module 3: Communication as a Leadership Tool
■ Intergroup Communications ■ Resolving Win/Lose Situations ■ The Effect of Perception and Climate on Communication ■ Perception and Facts ■ The Use of Feedback in Communication ■ Giving Instructions ■ Communicating Effectively With Different Styles ■ Managing Workplace Triangles ■ Non-Verbal Communication ■ Self-Disclosure and Feedback ■ Informal Interview Practice ■ Questioning Techniques and Listening Skills ■ Fact-Finding Interview ■ Coaching Interviews

Module 4: The Commitment Curve
Module 5: Employee Development Models
■ The Coaching Model ■ The Dialogue Model ■ I Messages ■ Consequences and Benefits

Module 6: Dealing with Conflict and Difficult Issues
Module 7: What Successful Leaders Do
Module 8: Teams vs. work groups: learning to lead and build personal effectiveness
SAQA US ID: 242824 : Apply leadership concepts in a work context

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