Intrapreneurship is a concept whereby corporate organizations behave entrepreneurially to become more competitive, productive and profitable in the market place.

Intrapreneurship looks at transforming existing corporate organizations to become more COST-EFFECTIVE, PRODUCTIVE and PROFITABLE. It is aimed at making corporate organizations more competitive in the market place. It looks at SUSTAINABLE BUSINESS SUCCESS through the creation of something ‘new,’ be it, a new product or a new service, let alone a new operational system.


2 days


Module 1: Corporate Entrepreneurship or Intrapreneurship Defined
Module 2: Are Intrapreneurs Different?
Module 3: The innovation process and factors
Module 4: Intellectual property rights
Module 5: University research and technology transfer
Module 6: Intellectual property rights and development
Module 7: Technology adoption and diffusion
Module 8: Marketing and adoption
Module 9: Critical Roles in Intrapreneurship and Innovation
Module 10: Understanding the Obstacles of Intrapreneurship and Innovation
Module 11: Overcoming The Obstacles and Limitations
Module 12: Structuring the Company For Intrapreneurship
Module 13: Why Creativity & Innovation?
Module 14: The Freedom Factors Module

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