Illustrator, Photoshop, Acrobat Adapt InDesign page layouts for different page sizes, devices, and orientations more efficiently—without sacrificing pixel-perfect control over design and typography. Integrate with Adobe Digital Publishing Suite* to publish to tablets easily.


2 days


Advanced Objects
■ Create and Use Snippets ■ Create and Use Anchored Objects ■ Creating Libraries

Advanced Styles
■ Create & Use Object Styles ■ Create & Use Nested Styles ■ Nested line styles ■ Create & Use Table & Cell Styles

Managing Long Documents
■ Sectioned Documents ■ Creating & Printing Books ■ Insert Footnotes ■ Format Footnotes ■ Table of Contents ■ Indexing ■ Using Data Merge ■ Data merge output to PDF ■ Conditional text

Multimedia & Interactivity
■ Importing Video, Flash & Sound Files ■ Media panel and Timing panel ■ The Animation panel and motion presets ■ Object States panel and Preview panel ■ Creating buttons ■ Creating Bookmarks & Hyperlinks ■ Convert URLs to hyperlinks command ■ Applying Actions ■ Page transitions in PDF and SWF files

Indesign & XML
■ Structuring InDesign Documents with XML ■ Importing & Integrate XML ■ Apply XML Tags to Objects ■ Mapping Styles to imported XML

Cross Media Exporting
■ Exporting to XML ■ Export to Dreamweaver/HTML ■ Export to Flash (SWF & FLA) ■ Export to Interactive PDF ■ Creating ePub documents ■ Preparing documents for tablets

Preparing for Hand off to a Service Provider
■ Exploring Colour Management ■ Printing with Transparency ■ Transparency Flattener Styles ■ Output preview ■ Proof Setup ■ Fixing Fonts and Image Links ■ Separations & Colour Separation Print Settings ■ Trapping ■ Exporting PDF/X ■ Live preflight ■ Packaging Files ■ Saving for previous versions ■ Document installed fonts

Managing Assets
■ View Assets with Adobe Bridge ■ Apply Metadata and Keywords to Assets in Adobe Bridge ■ Set Options for the Creative Suite Colour Settings

Installing and Accessing Scripts
■ Preparing InDesign for InCopy Workflow (optional) ■ Using InCopy Plug-ins in InDesign ■ Creating Assignments ■ Exporting content to InCopy ■ Using the Assignments Palette ■ Using Notes ■ Tracking Changes

Inline Frames and Anchored Objects
■ Creating an Inline Frame ■ Inline Frames and Leading ■ Creating Hanging Indents ■ Creating Above Line Objects ■ Creating Anchored Objects

Working with GREP
■ Using GREP to remove unwanted characters and spacings ■ Using GREP to format repetitive categories of text

Working with other Suite Applications
■ Importing Illustrator and Photoshop Layers ■ Showing Layers ■ Layer Comps ■ Update Link Options

*Please note that we offer free electronic support to clients on content covered on our courses.