Generate sprite sheets for enhanced game development work ow and deliver apps with a prepackaged Adobe AIR® captive runtime for better user experience.

Access device-speci c capabilities with prebuilt native extensions, simulate common mobile application interactions, and reach devices that run on AndroidTM and iOS platforms.

Target the latest Adobe Flash Player and AIR runtimes to take advantage of performance gains with Stage3D via the Starling framework.


3 days


Work environment
■ Setting Stage dimensions & preferences ■ Working with panels and panel layouts ■ Properties Inspector Layers and timeline ■ Working with layers (Lock, Visibility & Outline) ■ Organising Layers ■ Guide Layers ■ Working with the Timeline

Creating Graphic assets
■ Using the drawing tools (Oval, Rectangle, Poly Star, Line, Pen) ■ Making Selections ■ Using object and merge drawing ■ Working with the colours & gradients ■ Aligning & manipulating objects ■ 3D Transformation ■ Decorative drawing with the Deco tool

Importing Graphics
■ Working with different graphic formats ■ Importing bitmap graphics ■ Tracing Bitmaps ■ Using Bitmaps as Fills ■ Depreciated File Formats

Using text effectively
■ Using the Text tool ( Classic & TLF) ■ Adding and formatting static text ■ Changing font rendering methods ■ Embedding fonts in input text fields ■ Using font best practices ■ Paragraph and Text settings ■ Creating Hyperlinks ■ Reshaping Text ■ Distributing Test to Layers

Creating symbols
■ Importing vector graphics from Illustrator ■ Using the Library & explain elements is can contain ■ Di erentiate between Graphic Symbols & Movie clips & Buttons ■ Converting objects to symbols ■ Creating and using Movie Clip symbols ■ Nesting Symbols ■ Adding Transparency ■ Blends and Filters

Working with animations
■ Using animation best practices ■ Organizing a Movie Clip Timeline ■ Using keyframes, blank keyframes, and frames ■ Creating Frame By Frame Animation ■ Creating motion tweens (with & without Guide Layers) ■ Creating shape tweens (morphing) ■ Fading Objects ■ Shape Hints ■ Creating transition effects ■ Tween Properties ■ Motion Tween Presets ■ Animating with Masks ■ Object-based animation ■ Motion Editor panel ■ Inverse Kinematics with the Bone tool

Interactive files
■ About Interactive files ■ Creating Additional Scenes ■ Creating & Editing Buttons symbols ■ Sample Buttons ■ Using frame labels, Comments & Anchors ■ Activating Buttons Adding ActionScript with script assist and behaviours ■ Working with ActionScript 3.0 ■ Using Code Snippets, Script Assist & Behaviours Panel ■ Adding actions to a frame ■ Loading external SWFs ■ Working with Events ■ Using Events to script a button

Adding sound and video
■ Importing sound ■ Sounds library ■ Changing sound properties ■ Adding sound to a Timeline ■ Media Encoder with H.264 support ■ Sound Editing ■ Importing Video & Editing options ■ Embedding video in a Timeline ■ Video with alpha channels ■ Using the FLVPlayback component

Loading and optimizing Flash
■ Assembling & Animating a Preloader elements ■ Loading the movie ■ Changing visibility of movie clips ■ Caching bitmaps ■ Project Panel ■ XFL import Wide platform and device support ■ Deliver to desktop computers ■ Deliver to mobile devices ■ Deliver to tablets ■ Deliver to Internet-enabled televisions

Publishing Flash documents
■ Testing a Flash document ■ Adding Metadata ■ Using di erent publishing formats ■ Adding Flash Player detection ■ Optimising Movies ■ Bandwidth Pro ler ■ Creating Stand alone players

What’s New
■ NEW Improved HTML publishing ■ NEW Sync Settings ■ NEW Simpli ed user interface ■ NEW Testing and debugging via USB ■ NEW Timeline time-savers ■ NEW Unlimited pasteboard size ■ NEW Powerful code editor ■ NEW Real-time drawing ■ NEW Code pro ling in Adobe Scout CC ■ NEW Custom metadata APIs

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