In today’s business world, you have to have financial savvy! Strong nancial management is crucial to the success of a business and every manager is accountable for the bottom line! All managers need to know how to justify a budget request, quantify their contributions and identify profit drains immediately.

This workshop for non-financial managers will familiarise you with the key concepts of nance and accounting and help you prepare and manage budgets with con dence.


1 day


Module 1: Overview of Financial Management
Module 2: Understanding of Financial Statements
Module 3: Analysis and interpretation of Financial Statement
Module 4: Budgeting Process
Module 5: Forms of Financing
Module 6: Capital Budgeting and Managing Working Capital
SAQA US ID: 252040 - Manage the finances of a unit
SAQA US ID: 242810 -Manage Expenditure against a budget

*Please note that we offer free electronic support to clients on content covered on our courses.