Dealing with the many problems a new supervisor encounters isn’t easy, but it doesn’t have to lead to discouragement.

This two day workshop is designed to help participants overcome many of the supervisory problems they will encounter in their rst few weeks as a boss.


2 days


Module 1: Supervision
■ What to expect in your new role as Supervisor-what is supervision ■ Skills and Responsibilities-job skills of supervisors ■ How to In uence and establish your reputation-building relationships with trust ■ Leading a successful team ■ Tips for success

Module 2: Communication
■ Develop effective communication skills ■ Using questions-using questions to obtain information ■ Pitfalls in communication ■ Listening skills ■ Paraphrasing to understand ■ Body Language-how the tone of voice and facial expressions change what is being said

Module 3: Effective Supervision - Directing, Coaching & Facilitating Employees
■ Understanding the role of coaching ■ How to give instructions ■ Setting expectations ■ Giving Feedback ■ When performance does not match expectations ■ Giving Praise

Module 4: The Four Generational Differences
■ The four generations in the work force ■ The needs and individual drivers of each group ■ What you can do as a Supervisor Module 5: Legal Aspects of Supervision
■ Understanding the Basic Conditions of Employment ■ Understanding the Occupaional Health and Safety Act-due diligence requirements ■ Understanding harassment in the workplace

Module 6: Performance Management - Optimizing Results
■ Use a 5-step process to manage performance ■ Learn to set goals and develop good performance plans with employees ■ Support new employees through orientation and training ■ Discuss a variety of methods to monitor and review employee performance ■ Provide opportunities for ongoing communication and assistance to help employees achieve their goals ■ Conduct meaningful performance evaluations

Module 7: Resolving Conflict - Reaching Agreement at Work
■ Recognize the bene ts of healthy conflict ■ Identify the principles and steps for managing conflict ■ Anticipate behaviours based on understanding thoughts and feelings ■ Explore a variety of conflict resolution approaches and match them to the situation ■ Use a 4-step approach to managing anger ■ Conduct conflict resolution meetings

Module 8: Staying Positive - Rewarding & Energizing Employees
■ Apply methods of building and sustaining employee motivation ■ Understand what causes workplace stress and job burnout ■ Identify strategies for dealing with negative attitudes ■ Design recognition programs for your employees ■ Implement customized reward programs

SAQA US ID: 252037 - Build teams to achieve goals and objectives

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