In this course we will look at creating our rst online store using a plugin for Wordpress called WooCommerce to sell physical and digital products and services online.

First we will look at what are the typical components of an online store and what is required for the store to operate successfully and securely. We will look at what WooCommerce is, how it works and also discuss a few alternate shopping cart systems available today. Then we’ll take a deep dive into the configuration settings of the plugin We’ll create and configure products with different prices, options, and variations, and finally, we will add extensions to the plugin to manage new payment and shipping options.


3 days


Introduction to eCommerce
■ Welcome ■ Components of an online store ■ Security and Payment gateway prerequisites

Getting Started
■ WooCommerce and other shopping platforms ■ What is WooCommerce ■ Setting up WordPress for ecommerce

Setting Up Shop
■ Installing WooCommerce ■ Initial con guration ■ Installing sample product data ■ WooCommerce stepthrough ■ General store setup and configuration ■ Catalog setup ■ Integration Setup

Payment Gateways
■ Payment gateways for SA ■ Con guring payment options ■ Setting up PayPal payments ■ Setting up PayFast payments (SA Gateway)

■ Deciding on shipping options ■ Creating shipping classes ■ Using builtin ■ Shipping methods

Product catalog
■ Adding a new product ■ Working with product data ■ Product images ■ Managing product variations ■ Managing digital products ■ Managing product reviews

Customizing Your Store
■ Configuring the store index page ■ Using the sidebar ■ Configuring the front page and product category ■ navigation

WooCommerce Theming
■ Templating System ■ Customising the WooCommerce CSS ■ Editing Templates

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