Participants will learn how to create HD videos and work through the fundamentals of camera work and shooting. This course will get you started on shooting content with more consistent and professional results. We will explore lighting techniques to really help your production shine. We’ll touch on video cameras and capture compelling footage. Finally we’ll explore audio on and off camera.


3 days


Introduction to Video
■ An overview of videography ■ The types of video cameras ■ What to look for in a camera

Video Camera Essentials
■ Anatomy of a camera ■ Important camera settings ■ Understanding focus ■ Tips on achieving better focus ■ When to use auto focus ■ Shooting with shallow depth of field ■ Working with exposure ■ Using neutral density filters ■ Working with zebra stripes ■ Using gain to correct an underexposed shot ■ Choosing shutter speed ■ Colour temperature ■ White balance

Camera Moves
■ Your tripod choice ■ Different camera moves ■ Hand-held vs tripod shots

Working with Audio
■ Sound rules ■ The types of microphones for DV ■ Setting up microphones for a video ■ Using a boom mic ■ Setting proper audio levels

Lighting Essentials
■ Working with lights ■ Fundamental lighting concepts ■ Setting up a four-point lighting rig ■ Use of corrective gels

Preparing for editing
■ Data transfer ■ Format considerations ■ Backups of data ■ Roughcuts ■ RAW vs codecs ■ Talking heads: Interviews ■ Action and moving shots ■ How much footage is enough footage

*Please note that we offer free electronic support to clients on content covered on our courses.