Edward Deming, the father of quality management, has said that people can face almost any problem except the problem of people.

They can work long hours, face declining business, even the loss of a job, but they can’t deal with the difficult people in their lives.

This workshop will help you identify some of the ways you may be contributing to these problems and give you some strategies you can adopt, at work and in your personal life.


1 day


Module 1: Defining conflict
Module 2: Types of conflict
Module 3: Benefits of conflict
Module 4: Costs of conflict
Module 5: The role of anger in conflict
Module 6: The five stages of conflict
Module 7: The LECSR tool
Module 8: Setting norms and rules
Module 9: Seven steps to ironing things out
Module 10: Using mediation and facilitation
Module 11: Confrontational facilitation
Module 12: Managing differences collaboratively
Module 13: Asking questions
Module 14: Listening skills
SAQA US ID: 114226 - Interpret and manage conflicts within the workplace

*Please note that we offer free electronic support to clients on content covered on our courses.