The course will be focused on Google Android and Apple iOS development. However basics on how to develop for other mobile platforms will be covered also.

At the end of the course you will have a basic information mobile application running on the device. In this course you will learn how to develop mobile applications for multiple platforms using a single tool called Codename one


3 days


Introduction to app development
■ Introduce mobile applications development. ■ Explain the di erences and challenges in mobile applications development. ■ Characteristics of mobile: ■ Small Screen. ■ Limited input. ■ Hand held.

Wireframes on paper
■ Registration ■ Login ■ Main ■ Capture Form ■ View Form ■ About Us ■ Help

User Interface Designer (theme.res)
■ Basic User Interface Components ■ Label ■ TextField ■ TextArea ■ Button ■ CheckBox ■ RadioButton ■ Component Properties such as Text, Colours, Borders ■ Explanation on when to use each component

Forms and Navigation
■ Forms ■ Basic form properties ■ Commands ■ Navigation to next form ■ Navigation to previous form

Advanced User Interface Components
■ List: Scrollable list of items. ■ Combobox: Drop down menu. ■ List Renderer: Allows the separation of the look / feel and the data model. ■ Multi button: To show an icon, title, description within a single component.

Working with Layouts
■ FlowLayout ■ BoxLayout Y ■ BoxLayout X ■ GridLayout ■ TableLayout ■ BorderLayout ■ Best practice for using layouts

Themes and Styles
■ How to create a native theme: This is a theme that adapts to the speci c look and feel of a platform. ■ Bene ts of a native theme. ■ Creating an empty theme. ■ Styling an empty theme.

Responsive Design
■ Adapt to multiple screens. ■ Across multiple platforms. ■ Publishing to App Store ■ How to create signing keys for Android and iOS. ■ How to publish on Google Play Android Store. ■ Publishing on Apple iOS Store.

■ Mac OS 10.7 or Windows 7 Computer. 64-bit computer recommended. ■ Basic computer usage skills. ■ Participants are advised to bring an Android (minimum OS 2.2) device, reason being it allows app testing in the most simplest manner.

Java SDK 7 (Stable Java version):
http://www.oracle.com/technetwork/ java/javase/downloads/jdk7-downloads-1880260.html

Netbeans 7.4 (Most stable Netbeans):

CodenameOne Registration:

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