Smooth workflows bring creativity to life. That’s why workflow is front and center in Cinema 4D. The revolutionary Take System will save precious time. The new Color Chooser does all those things you always wanted with color, as well as things you didn’t even know you wanted! Integration with Sketchup and the Houdini Engine

Sculpting and modelling Intuitive and efficient organic modeling. Dozens of new features and improvements in Cinema 4D make sculpting a true delight. Use Sculpt to PoseMorph, for example, to speed up character animation. Easily sculpt hard-surface models with Edge Detection. Release 17 makes sculpting in Cinema 4D easier than ever.


3 days


Modelling forms
■ Deformers ■ Optimising meshes

Working with materials
■ Body Paint 3D ■ Introduction to UV maps ■ How to use Body Paint 3D to create textures ■ Using Photoshop to enhance the texturing process. ■ Rendering ■ Lighting schemes ■ Improve quality ■ Enhance realism ■ Vastly reduce render times

Advanced Animation
■ Animating everything ■ F-Curve control ■ MoGraph Objects ■ Tracers and MoSplines ■ Fracture ■ MoGraph Effectors ■ Creating simple animations ■ Audio animations ■ MoGraph Text animations

Advanced Cinema 4D
■ The interface with new features ■ Customising your workspace ■ Faster workflows and short cuts

Advanced Modelling
■ Manipulating parametric objects ■ Modelling with splines ■ Combining Deformers ■ Modelling Polygons in more detail ■ Accurate interior modelling ■ Setting up walls, ceiling and floor ■ Extruding Illustrator Files

Advanced Materials
■ Using texture tags ■ Texturing different areas of an objects ■ Changing a materials mapping ■ Using bump maps ■ Using material filters ■ Creating material layers

Advanced Lighting
■ Which lights to use when ■ Shadow settings ■ Multiple lighting set-up ■ Light textures and projections ■ Global Illumination

Advanced Animation
■ Animation for motion graphics ■ Setting up animation cycles ■ Creating animation paths ■ Animating the camera ■ Animating lights ■ Animating deformers ■ MoGraph ■ MoText ■ Using Cloners ■ Fracture ■ Using Effectors, delay and random ■ Particles ■ Creating particles ■ Working with the physics ■ Containing and bouncing particles ■ Using MoGraph to randomise particles

Advanced Rendering
■ Speeding up Rendering ■ Render regions ■ Depth of Field renders ■ Motion Blur Renders ■ Rendering with Alpha Channels ■ Importing into other applications eg. After Effects, Nuke and Photoshop

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