Forecasts and budgets are essential tools for successful business management.

Understanding and using these management tools will facilitate e ective decision making and strategic planning, ultimately supporting growth and development of the organisation.


2 days


Module 1: History of the Interviewing Process
Module 2: The Recruitment and Selection Process
Module 3: Factors in the Hiring Process
Module 4: Cost Analysis
Module 5: Job Analysis and Position Profiles
Module 6: Determining the Skills You Need
Module 7: Finding Candidates
Module 8: Advertising Guidelines
Module 9: Screening Resumes
Module 10: Performance Assessments
Module 11: Problems Recruiters Face
Module 12: Interviewing Barriers
Module 13: Non-Verbal Communication
Module 14: Types of Questions
Module 15: Diana Jones
Module 16: Traditional vs. Behaviour Interviews
Module 17: Other Types of Questions
Module 18: The Critical Incident Technique
Module 19: Listening for Answers
Module 20: Difficult Applicants
Module 21: Interview Preparation and Format
Module 22: Other Interview Techniques
Module 23: Scoring Responses
Module 24: Checking References
Module 25: Human Rights
Module 26: Skill Application
SAQA US ID: 15235 - Prepare and conduct staff selection interviews

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