Adobe Audition CC software delivers the cross-platform tools that video and lm professionals, broadcast engineers, and audio specialists need for recording, editing, mixing, creating soundtracks, and restoring audio. A new, highperformance audio playback engine drastically speeds up operation; enables work on multiple simultaneous audio and multitrack les; and allows e ects, noise reduction, and audio sweetening processing in the background. Royaltyfree content makes creating sound beds, scores, and soundscapes easy. Native 5.1 surround sound capability and roundtrip editing with Adobe Premiere® Pro CC software promote a smooth video production work ow, while Open Media Format (OMF) and XML support project exchange with Avid Pro Tools and third-party NLEs.


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Audio Interfacing
■ Audio interface basics ■ Mac OS X audio setup ■ Windows setup ■ Testing inputs and outputs with Audition (Mac or Windows) ■ Using external interfaces

The Audition Environment
■ Audition’s dual personality ■ The Audition Workspace ■ Navigation

Basic Editing
■ Opening a file for editing ■ Selecting a region for editing and changing its level ■ Cutting, deleting, and pasting audio regions ■ Cutting and pasting with multiple clipboards ■ Extending and shortening musical selections ■ Simultaneous mixing and pasting ■ Repeating part of a waveform to create a loop ■ Showing waveform data under the cursor ■ Fading regions to reduce artifacts

Signal Processing
■ Effects basics ■ Using the Effects Rack ■ Amplitude and Compression effects ■ Delay and echo effects ■ Filter and EQ effects ■ Modulation effects ■ Noise reduction/restoration ■ Reverb effects ■ Special effects ■ Stereo imagery effects ■ Time and Pitch effect ■ Third-party effects (VST and AU) ■ Using the Effects menu ■ Managing presets

Audio Restoration
■ About audio restoration ■ Reducing hiss ■ Reducing crackles ■ Reducing pops and clicks ■ Reducing broadband noise ■ De-humming a file ■ Removing artifacts ■ Manual artifact removal ■ Alternate click removal ■ Sound removal

■ Mastering basics ■ Step 1: equalization ■ Step 2: dynamics ■ Step 3: ambience ■ Step 4: stereo imaging ■ Step 5: “push” the drum hits; then apply the changes ■ Mastering diagnostics

Sound Design
■ About sound design ■ Creating rain sounds ■ Creating a babbling brook ■ Creating insects at night ■ Creating an alien choir ■ Creating sci-fi machine effects ■ Creating an alien drone flyby ■ Extracting frequency bands

Creating and Recording Files
■ Recording into the Waveform Editor ■ Recording into the Multitrack Editor ■ Checking remaining free space ■ Drag-and-dropping into an Audition Editor ■ Importing tracks as individual files from an audio CD ■ Importing tracks as a single file from an audio CD ■ Saving a template

Multitrack Editor Orientation
■ About multitrack production ■ Multitrack and Waveform Editor integration ■ Changing track colors ■ Loop selections for playback ■ Track controls ■ Channel mapping in the Multitrack Editor ■ Side-chaining e ects

The Multitrack Mixer View
■ Mixer view basics

Editing Clips
■ Creating a DJ-style continuous music mix (mixtape) with crossfading ■ Mixing or exporting a collection of clips as a single file ■ Selecting and merging all clips in a track into a single file ■ Editing for length ■ Clip edits: Split, Trim, Volume ■ Extending a clip via looping

Creating Music with Sound Libraries
■ About sound libraries ■ Getting started ■ Building a rhythm track ■ Adding percussion ■ Adding melodic elements ■ Using loops with different pitch and tempo ■ Adding effects

Recording in the Multitrack Editor
■ Getting ready to record a track ■ Setting up the metronome ■ Recording a part in a track ■ Recording an additional part (overdub) ■ “Punching” over a mistake ■ Composite recording

■ About automation ■ Clip automation ■ Track automation

■ About mixing ■ Testing your acoustics ■ The mixing process ■ Exporting a stereo mix of the song ■ Burning an audio CD of the song ■ Exporting to SoundCloud

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