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3 days


Getting to know the Workspace
■ Choosing a workspace ■ Opening a le ■ The document window ■ Using Artboards ■ Navigating multiple artboards ■ Using the new Artboards panel ■ Creating New Artboards ■ Switching screen modes ■ Changing your view ■ Preview versus Outlines ■ Zooming and scrolling ■ Scrolling with the Hand tool ■ Changing views with the Navigator panel ■ The Tools panel ■ Using tools and panels ■ The Control panel ■ Moving the Control panel ■ Panel groups and the dock ■ Custom workspaces ■ Saving workspaces ■ Using the Manage Workspaces dialog box

Illustrator Essentials
■ Using the shape tools ■ Repositioning and visually resizing the rectangle ■ Finding or changing the shape’s dimensions using the Transform panel ■ Rotating and shearing using the Transform panel ■ Constraining a shape ■ Entering exact dimensions ■ Selecting artwork ■ Helpful keyboard shortcuts for selections ■ The selection tools ■ Using shape and transform tools to create artwork ■ Using the transform tools ■ Adding a ll color ■ Viewing in Outline view ■ Using layers when building an illustration ■ Creating a new blank layer ■ Cutting and pasting objects ■ Moving objects from one layer to another

Adding Color
■ Basics of the Appearance panel ■ Changing colors ■ Adding Effects ■ Creating a colorful illustration

Using Live Paint
■ Adding a symbol to your artwork ■ Expanding the symbol ■ Saving swatches ■ What is a Global Color? ■ Selecting the Same color ■ Saving a set of colors as a group ■ Creating a color group from selected colors ■ Using the Color panel ■ Adding Pantone colors

Working with the Drawing Tools
■ Working with the Pen tool ■ Drawing straight lines ■ Drawing curved lines ■ Drawing hinged curves ■ Drawing curved lines to straight lines ■ Drawing straight lines to curved lines ■ Shape Tools ■ Using the Eraser tool ■ Editing existing paths ■ Adding and removing points ■ Cutting and joining paths ■ Working with Live Trace ■ Expanding Live Traced artwork ■ Working with Live Paint ■ Combining shapes using the new Shape Builder tool ■ Subtracting with the Shape Builder tool

Working with Text
■ Formatting type ■ Paragraph formatting ■ Formatting imported type ■ Paragraph and character styles ■ Text on a path ■ Warping text ■ Text in a shape ■ Creating outlines ■ Check spelling ■ Find and Replace

Working with Symbols
■ Cleaning out the symbol library ■ Creating symbols ■ Editing symbols ■ Importing a symbol library ■ Using the symbol sprayer tools ■ Editing nested symbols ■ Replacing symbols

Saving and Exporting
■ Saving using the AI le format ■ Saving an illustration with layers ■ Saving a layered PDF ■ Integration with other applications ■ Saving as EPS ■ Save for Web

Whats New
■ Getting into perspective ■ De ning the grid ■ Changing the plane ■ Using the Perspective Selection tool ■ Creating shapes with the ■ Shape Builder tool ■ To combine shapes ■ To delete shapes ■ To divide overlapping shapes ■ New Brush Controls ■ Advanced drawing controls ■ Artboard panel ■ Touch Type Tool ■ Images in Brushes ■ Font Search ■ Font Sync ■ Multiple- le place ■ CSS Extraction ■ Colour Sync ■ Area and Point Type Converion ■ File packaging ■ On-art free transform

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