After Effects CC software lets you deliver cinematic visual effects and motion graphics faster than ever before with new Global Performance Cache. Extend your creativity with built-in text and shape extrusion, new mask feathering options. Get into motion graphics - come learn what After Effects CC can do!


2 days


Using 3D Features (2.5D)
■ Understanding 3D ■ Cameras, lights, and points of interest ■ Using 3D Views ■ Adding 3D Lights ■ Adding a camera ■ Repositioning layers ■ Rotate or orient a 3D layer ■ Axis modes ■ 3D layer interactions, render order, and collapsed transformations ■ Working with Shadows ■ Working with a Null Object ■ Working with Text in 3D ■ Animating objects ■ Animating lights ■ Animating cameras with point of interest ■ Animating cameras with auto orient ■ Animating aperture

Advanced 3D
■ 3D Camera Tracker ■ Classic 3D vs Ray-traced 3D ■ Using the Ray-Traced 3D Engine ■ Environmental Layers

Photoshop and After Effects
■ Using Vanishing Point VPE ■ Adding dimension to stills

Cinema 4D in AE
■ Working with Cinema 4D Lite ■ Creating 3D Text in Cinema 4D

■ Using Particles for compound control layers ■ Understanding Particles ■ Particle Playground ■ Other Simulation Effects

Paint Effects
■ Stroke ■ Scribble ■ Write-on ■ Paint

Performing Color Correction
■ Adjusting color balance ■ Replacing the background ■ Correcting a range of colors ■ Warming colors with the Photo Filter effect

E ects
■ Overview of the most commonly used effects in After Effects

■ Understanding tracking ■ Using the tracker ■ Warp Stabilizer ■ Track Motion ■ Using single-point motion tracking ■ Using multipoint tracking ■ Stabalize Motion ■ Mocha overview ■ Tips for better tracking

■ Introduction to Expressions ■ Simple Pickwhipping ■ Using expressions to animate to the rhythm of music ■ Adjusting the expression direction ■ Adjusting the expression parameters ■ Adjusting the rate of change ■ Adjusting the final value ■ Creating a loop using expressions ■ The wiggle expression

■ Understanding Keying ■ Shooting Techniques for easier Keying ■ Using Garbage Mattes for easier Keying ■ Using Keylight ■ Re ning the Matte

Using the Roto Brush Tool
■ About rotoscoping ■ Getting started ■ Creating a segmentation boundary ■ Fine-tuning the matte ■ Freezing your Roto Brush tool results ■ Changing the background ■ Adding animated text ■ Outputting your project

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