Automate routine, multistep tasks as a guided Action with the Acrobat Action Wizard. Create, manage, execute, and share a sequence of frequently used steps that can be applied to a single PDF or batches of files.

Assemble a wide range of materials — including spreadsheets, web pages, videos, and more — into a single, polished PDF Portfolio for high impact. Easily customize PDF Portfolios to reflect your branding and style.


2 days


Introduction to Acrobat XI
■ About Adobe PDF and Acrobat ■ A first look at the work area ■ Viewing PDF presentations in Full Screen mode ■ Viewing PDF files in Read mode ■ Designing documents for different viewing conditions

Exploring the work area
■ Navigating a PDF file ■ Working with the toolbars ■ Working with task panes ■ Customizing the Quick Tools toolbar ■ Using keyboard shortcuts to select tools

Creating Adobe PDF Files
■ Using the Create command ■ Dragging and dropping files ■ Converting and combining different types of files ■ Using PDFMaker ■ Using the Print command to create Adobe PDF files ■ Reducing file size ■ Scanning a paper document ■ Making scanned text editable and searchable ■ Converting web pages to Adobe PDF

Reading and Working with PDF Files
■ Changing the opening view ■ About the onscreen display ■ Searching PDF documents ■ Printing PDF documents ■ Filling out PDF forms ■ Sharing PDF files

Creating PDF files from design and office applications
■ Converting Microsoft Word and InDesign files to Adobe PDF ■ Starting a review. ■ Converting presentations ■ Saving PDF files as Word documents and images ■ Extracting PDF tables

Enhancing and Editing PDF Documents
■ Examining the PDF file ■ Moving page thumbnails ■ Editing Adobe PDF pages ■ Renumbering pages ■ Editing links ■ Working with bookmarks

Adding multimedia files
■ Editing text ■ Copying text and images from a PDF file ■ Setting document properties and metadata

Combining Files in PDF Portfolios
■ Creating a PDF Portfolio ■ Customizing your PDF Portfolio ■ Sharing your PDF Portfolio ■ Searching a PDF Portfolio

Adding signatures and security
■ Viewing security settings ■ Adding security to PDF files ■ Creating digital signatures ■ Signing a document digitally ■ Certifying PDF files

Acrobat Review Cycles
■ Adding comments to a PDF document ■ Working with comments ■ Initiating a shared review ■ Initiating live collaboration

Working with forms in Acrobat
■ Converting PDF files to interactive PDF forms ■ Adding form fields ■ Distributing forms ■ Collecting form data ■ Working with form data ■ Calculating and validating numeric fields

Using Actions
■ About actions ■ Using predefined actions ■ Creating an action

Using the legal features
■ Legal features in Adobe Acrobat ■ About Bates numbering and redaction ■ Assembling PDF documents

Using acrobat in professional printing
■ Creating PDF files for print and prepress ■ Preflighting files ■ Working with transparency ■ Setting up colour management ■ Previewing your print job

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